EDB Postgres Failover Manager

Postgres Failover and Replication Manager

Fault-tolerant Postgres nodes for high availability.

Detect compute, network, and database failures quickly to automatically promote the most up to date standby and reconfigure other standbys to point to the new master.

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Ensure Business Continuity

Minimize unplanned downtime for your applications and maintain high availability.

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Maintain Service Level Agreements

Quickly detect failure by continuously monitoring health of physical replication nodes.

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Peace of Mind

Avoid split-brain scenarios and time lost from triggering false negatives or unnecessary failovers.


Agents run on the master and standby nodes continuously monitoring their health. When a failure is detected, agents send alerts, and initiate an automatic failover or wait for user to take the appropriate action. When there are only two nodes, a witness node is used to confirm assertions and break the tie in the event of a conflict.


Diagram of Failover Manger architecture



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Monitoring & Alerts

Agents continuously monitor health of physical replication nodes and send email alerts based on events.

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Automatic Failover

bst365体育投注网址大全Seamlessly failover to the most current standby and reconfigure other standbys to point to new master.

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Upgrade/patch database software or operating system with minimal downtime by switching the role of master to standby on demand.

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GUI & Integrations

Integrates with EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager (GUI management tool), pgPool (load balancer), and other load balancers.